BUY Children’s Products

All Granny Vee products

are wholesome and educational !

Order Green Frog, Gold Heart

Picture Book


E BOOKS by Granny Vee

 Twelve Days of Christmas

with Buttons & Bows the Bunnies  

Happity Birthday!  on Kindle   A surprise party for Buttons & Bows


Special Frog Package!!!!!

$49 includes S&H

Frog PUPPET; “Happity Birthday!” CD; “Positive Praise” CD; GREEN FROG, GOLD HEART BOOK

4 products in all including S&H:  $49 sent directly to the address below.


Frog Puppet w CD $30

Available with “Happity Birthday!” CD for $30 (includes S&H) sent directly to:


Make checks payable to “Carolyn Venable”

Mailing Address

David Venable

13201 Northwest Fwy, STE 800

Houston, Texas  77040-6157


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