Meet Granny Vee in person.  She will read your favorite stories or poetry in a classroom setting. Domestic and international travels will be considered.  grannyvee@grannyvee.com


Fun stories, poetry, music theory

Lyrics to our music!



 “Making melodies in little hearts”. 

Carolyn Anne Venable, with a background in music, has offered her talents to the less fortunate around the world, especially in orphanages.  “Granny Vee”, as she is affectionately known, travels with a smile, with a song, and with her retinue of cuddly characters.  For many years, she and her hand puppets have delighted children in schools and other venues with “hippity-hoppin’” fun.    Her original music has been presented at  preschool teacher conferences including Texas Headstart.  “Granny Vee” hopes to gladden the hearts and broaden the minds of precious children worldwide. 



Children’s Entertainer, freelance (primarily through Tender Love for Children) since 1994.

Orphanages visited: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Poland, Belarus, Russia, India, Israel, Vietnam, and the United States.   The Frog Puppet has been donated to children’s ministries on five continents.

Presenter at HAAEYC conference, Houston; at Texas Head Start Conference; at PTAC conference, Houston.

Music & Piano teacher, Enrichment Services, Houston, 1999 -2006, teaching and entertaining with music in multiple private pre-schools.  Additionally, Kinsmen Lutheran School,  Epiphany Lutheran School, and Little York Montessori School in Houston.

Children’s Pastor, Korean Christian Church, Houston, TX (2003-4); Music Minister (2011 – 2018)



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