Grateful Bunnies

“Grateful bunnies get the honey” – a Granny-ism



“Thank you, thank you! Granny Vee!

You’re so sweet to make us tea!”

 Granny Vee:

“Why, you’re quite welcome! Let me pour

For such grateful friends, a little more!”


“Thank you, thank you! Granny Vee!

We would love some … if you please.”

 Granny Vee:

“And since you are so very sweet

I’d like to add an extra treat!

Grateful bunnies …

get the honey!

(c) 2012 CAV

Did you know that bees make honey?  Honey is a very sweet and healthy food. We can be thankful to God for making bees and honey.

Can you find the Baby Blue Bee?  There’s a poem about our Baby Blue Bee and there’s a Kooky Quest there, too!


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