Keep Hopin’ and Hoppin’

Keep Hopin’ and Hoppin’


Keep hopin’ and hoppin’ because we all happen to be your friends

Keep hopin’ and hoppin’until we all happen to meet again!


Copyright 2000 CAV


hopin’ = hoping

hoppin’ = hopping

(The “g” is dropped in the lyrics to make these words sound better for the song.)

How are these three words different?




“hoping” has a long “o” sound and only one “p”; from the root word “hope” which rhymes with “rope”.

“hopping” has a short “o” sound and two “p”s; from the root word “hop” which rhymes with “top”.

“happen” has a short “a” sound as in the word “apple”.

Notice that all of those words begin with the letter “h”. In poetry and writing, repeating the same sounds is called “alliteration”. Alliteration is fun. It is used also in tongue-twisters such as “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Look for alliteration in other songs and poems on this site.

Try writing a poem yourself using alliteration!

Suggested Movements

Children should act out the animal in each verse. Chorus: On “fun” in chorus wave hands side to side; on word “wild”, wave hands wildly. “wave to the critters”, “make faces”. Have fun!

Suggested Props:

Animal masks and or hats for each animal mentioned can be fun but unnecessary for the song to be fun.