Tempo, Tempo


Buttons keeps the beat!

Tempo is the speed of music.   The terms for tempo, like many music terms are in Italian.  Here are some of the basic words used to describe the tempo of music:

LARGO – very slow  (40-60 beats per minute on metronome)

ANDANTE – walking speed  (76-108 BPM on metronome)

ALLEGRO – quick and lively  (120-168 BPM on metronome)

VIVACE – very quick!  (168-176  BPM on metronome)


Here is a memory aid that may be sung to “Largo” by Dvorak.  “Largo” is a classic song and in many beginner piano books.   

Largo, largo, tempo oh so slow
Largo, largo, like a snail it goes.




Note:  BPMs may vary slightly in number in various sources.  Numbers are given to approximate the feel.

Granny Vee’s story “The Musical Bunny” is a fun music primer for children!







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