Ukrainian Bell Carol Memory Aid

Ukrainian Bell Carol

Composed by Mykola Leontovych

Simplified for beginners, to be played in the Key of A minor

Memory Aid:

*RH Motif:  (Am hand postion) Fingering: 3-2-3-1

1.  4 High* (C6) (pedal)

2.  4 Medium* (C5)  (pedal)

3.  4 Medium*    ADD LH:  A3, down, down, down

4.  4 Medium*    LH: A3 third, third, third, fifth


5.  4 (3rd-2-3-1)*     LH: f & d; a & e; f & d; a & e;

6.  Move RH up to 3rd finger on e (3rd-2-3-1)     LH: a +  e, #f, g, e

7.  A5 run down to A4

8.  2 “Merry Christmas” runs up starting on E4


9.  4 Medium*   LH:  A3w 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th on A&E

10. 4 Medium*   LH:  hold a & e (pedal)

11. 4 High* (C6)  (pedal)

12.  Ending: 3rd, 3rd down, 3rd up; A5






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