A Christmas Carol for those who can’t read music

Here’s the music to the song:


Music is a language and like other languages, it is best to learn early on in age. I’ve taught pre-schoolers the difference between the treble and the bass and also the notes. Unfortunately, some older children, if they haven’t had lessons beforehand, have a difficult time learning to read music.  But, if they want, everyone should learn to play an instrument! This is an easy way – you remember the finger numbers. I’ve done this with “Jingle Bells” and sometimes the children learn in one lesson!  But you have to stay in one hand position.

This upbeat song, “God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen”, is changing positions, where you place your right hand,  from Dm position to Gm position.  (See below.)

This is an old song, as so many Christmas songs are. If you want to sing instead of “gentlemen”, you may sing “saints of God”.  That works well.  Also, they didn’t have the revelation that Christ was not born on Christmas. It may have been September 11, 3 BC during the Feast of Tabernacles. You may sing “Is honored on Christmas day.” Look up “9-11-3BC”.  But the important thing is Jesus Christ came to save people from their sins!



Dm Key – b’s are flat!  Top lines are chords; middle lines are the melody.

X = crossing down with the second or third finger;

2nd finger on line 2 & line 4 (You cross over to “c”);

3rd finger on line 6, 8 & 10 (You cross over to “f”).


2nd finger cross – X



3rd finger cross – X

Dm = d, e, f, g, a
Gm = g, a, b flat, c, d

Dm = d + f + a
Gm = g + b flat  + d
C = c + e + g
F = f + a + c
A = a + c# + e

You should start with the melody first, then do the chords afterwards.

You may do the Dm chord normally, and then do the Gm inverted: d + g + b flat.
You may also start with doing these chords: Dm, C, F. Later add the Gm and A.

Here’s the music to song:


Let me know if this is helpful!