A Bizarre Bouncing Bird


Now, children, you know

That Buttons & Bows

Very much like to visit the zoo

So one pretty spring day

When they went there to play

They met a new friend.  Guess who!?!


This friend, she is pink

So stop now and think:

Who could be pink and live at the zoo?

She is tall and quite thin

With a beak not a chin

And webbed feet, but of course, only two!


Like an owl, she’s a bird

And maybe you’ve heard

That she stands on one leg all the day

But that’s not quite true

For she walks on two

And if you scare her she might fly away.


So let’s do a review

Of this bird at the zoo

She’s skinny and pink and can fly

Do you want another clue?

On shrimp she does chew

Do you know yet?  Speak up, don’t be shy!


She stands in a pond

Of water she’s fond

She stands in a “flurry”, but not in the snow

When there’s a few or more

It’s a “flamboyance” for sure

A flock makes a beautiful show!


You say, a flamingo?  But wait!

Are you sure of one trait?

Have you ever seen a flamingo fly up in the sky?

Okay, yes, you’re right!

But it’s more often at night

That flamingoes will flap their pink wings and fly high!



So now that you know

All about the flamingo

We’ll get back to our story with dear Buttons and Bows

This friend that they knew

Graced the Bizarre Zany Zoo

She was the oddest amongst the flamingoes!


She was pink like the rest

Her head, back and chest

But her wings were spattered with orange and white!

But you never will guess

The part that’s the best

That made her a most bizarre sight!


While the other birds stood

She jumped, yes, she would!

She jumped and she hopped like a bunny!

When Buttons & Bows she did meet

They taught her this feat

But for a flamingo to hop, it’s quite funny!


So whenever they met

The three, you can bet,

Had a fantastic time going hopping!

“Hip-hop!” they would sing

And great joy they would bring

To all who would see them hip-hopping!


Then one day, said dear Bows,

“What you need now, flamingo,

Is a pair of bunny ears on your head like a hat!”

So Bows made them for her

From some soft, bunny fur

Then the pink bird looked more like a rabbit!


And so does the story go

That this bizarre flamingo

Who looked rather funny

When she bounced like a bunny

Came to be called

By one and by all….




Note:  A flock of flamingoes may be called a “flurry” or a “flamboyance”.


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