Fun & Educational video: Listen, Children.  Love the LORD with all your might!



Before there was you,

Before there was me,

Before there were zoos

Before there were trees

There is “I AM”

Before the shining hot sun

Before billions of stars

Before time itself had begun

And way beyond the future far

There is “I AM”


Before the very first morn

Before the very first day

He was there, but not born

He has been – always.

He is “I AM”

After the very last sunset

After the very last night

The “Great I AM” is there yet

The brightest of lights

He is “I AM”


“I AM” is true light and the purest of love

“I AM” sits on a throne and rules from above

He made heaven and earth, the land and the sea

He spoke and His word made other light to be!

He is “I AM”

He holds the whole universe in the palm of His hand

He is the Great King over all of the land

He made all the people, every girl, every boy

And He invites them to live in His Kingdom of joy!

He is “I AM”


Every good and perfect gift we hold is from “I AM” above

He showers gifts upon us because the Father is true love

But as the Father He demands that His children do obey

His laws and His commandments and to follow in His Way

He is “I AM”

So who is He, this “Great I AM” that called all things to be?

He is the God of miracles who parted the Red Sea

He is the God invisible, unseen but touching all

He is the God who answers when His children call

He is the God of goodness, the God of mercy and of grace

If you follow Him on earth, someday in heaven, you’ll see Him face to face.


He is our loving God-Creator;

Forever He’s the same

He is the holy Great “I AM”

And “Yahweh” is His name.

Written on Yom Kippur 5775.   © 2014 CAVenable 10/4/14


Hint:  Hebrew is read from right to left.   <<<<

Jesus Christ or in Hebrew, Yeshua HaMashiach. His name means “SALVATION”!

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