A baby-blue bee

Lived happily

In a hive with other fine fellows

But the baby-blue bee

Was different, you see

For all the other fine bees, they were yellow.


The baby-blue bee

Worked busily

With the others to make a sweet honey

But one lazy bee

Just sat on a tree

Thinking the blue bee was funny.


The rude, lazy bee

Spoke teasingly

“Hey, baby-blue, you’re an odd fellow!

Or maybe, really

You’re not even a bee

For everyone knows a bee must be yellow!”


The baby-blue bee

Looked around sadly

He wanted to be like the others

But the hard-working bees

Wisely agreed

“Dear baby-blue bee, you’re our brother!”


Then the queen bee

Spoke regally

(Though she wanted to fly into a tizzy)

“Why you rude lazy bee,

Do you think you’re a bee?

Don’t you know that a bee must be busy?!”


To the baby-blue bee

She spoke tenderly

“It really matters not that you’re blue

You’re a really fine fellow

Although you’re not yellow

You’re one of us, a busy bee, too!”


So the baby-blue bee

Smiled happily

And was content to be a blue fellow

For he saw he must be

Himself, a blue bee

Even though all the others were yellow!


Said the rude lazy bee

“Please, please excuse me,

I’ve not been a very good fellow.

I am truly sorry

But with help I will be

Like the busy blue bee, only yellow!”


So all of the bees

Lived happily

Working to make their sweet honey

They buzzed and they flew

Most yellow, one blue

But no one ever again thought it too funny!



Can you find…

… a fly?

… a bee flying in the opposite direction from the others?

… the longest bee?

… two bees with only two stripes?  (Black stinger end does not count as a stripe.)




“Fly into a tizzy” = lose control of oneself and express anger or excitement

Odd = strange

Regally = like a queen or royalty would act

Birthday:  May 3rd

(c) 2011 CAVenable


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