Permission is given to make paper copies of these lessons to give free to children for non-commercial, educational purposes with credit given to Lyrics may be shown on overheads for educational purposes. They may NOT be reproduced for commercial purposes and they may not be reposted on other websites without expressed written consent. All material on Granny Vee is the copyright of CAVenable. Carolyn Anne Venable is a missionary and former children’s pastor. I hope by making these songs and lessons available online that they will be a blessing to children worldwide. Put a number of lessons and songs together for a VBS or special children’s event.


These lessons are written on a child’s level of comprehension. They stand alone but are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with “Positive Praise!” songs. The songs will have children leapin’ to praise the Lord! Scriptural references and other useful information are provided. Suggestions for visual props, suggested interactive movements, and related activities are included.

Let the little children learn of Jesus Christ, and come to Him as they leap for joy and praise in the Lord!

Positive Praise!” CD will soon be available on music streams.



Lessons need not be given in this order;  the order here is the order of the songs on the “Positive Praise!” CD.   Because it takes a while to post these only those with links (LESSON), the ones in red, are posted, but hopefully they will all be posted soon!


LESSON 1:  “Bless the Lord!” (Psalm104) on “God the Creator”

Kumbayah! Welcoming God (to come)

Let the Children All Come God Welcomes Children (to come)

Friendly Philemon “Treat other people as you’d like them to treat you!”

LESSON 5: “Positively Give Praise!” on God’s Goodness

LESSON 6:  “Good to Me!” on God is Good

Wise & Wonderful! God is Awesome!

LESSON 8: “The Good Shepherd”  on God Cares for His Children (Psalm 23 pt 1)

LESSON 9: “Furry Lisa” on God Protects His Children (Psalm 23 pt 2)

Don’t Fret! Not Worrying

Wing It! Following the Holy Spirit

LESSON 12: “Listen,Children/Shema” on God’s Holy Name

Listen,Children/Shema Loving God/The Greatest Commandment (to come)

Live-It! Living for God (to come)



* Scripture

* Theme




* Suggested Movements

* Suggested Props

* Suggested Activities

* Scriptural References For Teachers and Parents

Additional Scriptures for teachers and parents. You may or may want to incorporate some of these other thoughts, depending on the age of the children.

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