The Twelve Days of Christmas with Buttons and Bow


12 Days with Buttons & Bows

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Did you know Buttons and Bows are brother and sister?   They were born on the same day in the same litter to the same parents.  Find out more about Buttons and about Bows on this site.

FUN with the BUNNIES  

1.  What is Bows the Bunny’s favorite color?  (Hint: see the Fifth Day)

2.  What is Buttons the Bunny’s favorite color?

3.  Both Buttons and Bows can play all the instruments Bows received.   List the musical instruments that the bunnies can play.   (Check out Granny Vee’s book:  The Musical Bunny!)

4.  What yummy foods did the bunnies enjoy on the fourth day feast?

Send your answers to .  Correct answers will get via email a Granny Vee song!

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(“DO THE MATH” CONTEST for older children 8 & over; parents may help)


1.  Over the Twelve Days of Christmas, Buttons gave Bows many presents.   How many total presents of each gift did Buttons give Bows?  (You may want to keep your calculations for this one to help with the other problems.)

For example, Buttons gave Bows a carrot a day for twelve days.  

2.  So how many carrots did Bows get?

3.  How many cabbages did Bows get?

4.  How many tarts did Bows get?

5.  How many quarts of berries did Bows get?

6.  How many bows did Bows get?

7.  Buttons asked all the hares to play a drum. Did he have enough drums for each hare to play one?

8.  How many harps did Bows get?  (This one is tricky!)

9.  If it takes 9 reindeer to pull one sleigh, how many sleighs could be pulled by the Bows’ reindeer?

10.  How many tutus did Bows receive?

11.  If Bows sang all the songs she received at one concert, how many songs would she sing?

12.  How many buttons in total did Buttons the Bunny receive from Bows?

13.  Which color button did Buttons receive the most of?

14.  How many pairs of shoes did Buttons receive?

15.   If the 25th of December is the first day of Christmas, which date is the twelth?  (Some traditions start counting on the 26th, but we will use the 25th as day one.)

16.  The twelth day of Christmas is the eve of what other holiday associated with the Christmas story?  




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