Three Moose



Three moose are not mooses nor are they meese.

Three ganders aren’t gooses but they do go by geese.

Now if in the forest you happen to meet

Three moose and three geese while they sleep or they eat

Be sure not to rile them but leave them in peace.

For if you disturb them, the three moose, they may charge

And the three geese will squawk and seem to grow large.

The three moose will make such a racket and noise

And the three geese will cackle and holler like boys. 

So if you don’t want a mean scene with the moose and the geese

Tip-toe away from them and leave them in peace.

NOTES: “Mooses” is sometimes used but rarely and not preferred.  “Meese” should be used only humorously.

© 2013 CAVenable

Two Geese


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