BUTTONS the Bunny



Favorite Expressions:  “What’s hoppening?” and “Hop to It!”

Favorite Food:  yummy carrots (of course!)

Favorite Game:  “Hop to It!” races

Favorite Activity:  clowning around and singing

Favorite Color:  blue

Favorite Song:  “Happity Birthday!”

Collects:  buttons, buttons and more buttons!

Favorite Button:  “I ♥ carrots”

Pet Peeve:  litter bugs

Claim to Fame:  one of the “Happity Birthday Bunnies”

Birthday:  April 12th

Did you know Buttons and his sister Bows share the same birthday?   They were born in the same litter!  A litter is a group of animal babies born at one birth to the same mother.  

Litter bugs are Buttons’ pet peeve, something that really annoys you.  But that kind of “litter” is something different than a litter of baby animals.   Litter bugs are persons who throw trash where it doesn’t belong like on the floor, on the street or on the sidewalk.   Be kind and considerate and throw your trash in the trashcan!   

© 2000, 2007, 2014 CAVenable

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