Kooky Quests

Button’s Button Box

Button’s can’t find his favorite button.

Can you please help him?

(If you don’t know which is his favorite button, you can find out on his page under “Friends”.)



  • Buttons’ favorite button

  • The button with his picture on it

Hint: Some buttons have holes to sew them on clothing; these buttons have pins on their backside to pin them to clothing.

FIND the items that should not be in the Button Box:

  • Some spare change.
  • 2 bugs that should be in Granny Vee’s garden
  • something Squiggles the Squirrel would love to eat!
  • something bouncy
  • a funny pair of eyes
  • a sand dollar
  • a pebble
  • a cork
  • a matroishka (a Russian stacking doll)
  • two things that need each other to make music together

Some misplaced items of Granny Vee’s: (Yes, Granny Vee misplaces a lot of things!

  • an item with hands and a face
  • a brooch
  • one lost item that slipped off her finger

Checks the Chipmunks Arithmetic Corner:

Checks loves to add things up!
  • How many coins are in the button box?
  • If you add them all together, how much money is in the box?
  • How many items did you find that don’t belong in the box?
  • How many buttons (with holes for sewing onto clothing) are in the box?

You can find the answer to that by counting each color and then adding them up!

  • Orange buttons (include both shades):
  • Yellow buttons:
  • Purple buttons:
  • Pink buttons:
  • Black buttons:
  • White buttons:
  • Blue buttons:
  • Green buttons:
  • Red buttons:
  • Add up all the colors.  How many buttons (with holes) are there in the box?
  • How many buttons are Buttons’ favorite color?

Happity Hunting!






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