Kooky Quests

Buttons has a problem. Hear The Problem Song while you help him.

Buttons’ Button Box

Buttons can’t find his favorite button.

Can you please help him?

Happity Hunting!




Hint: Some buttons have holes to sew them on clothing; these buttons have pins* on their backside to pin them to clothing.

FIND the items that should not be in the Button Box:

  • Some spare change.
  • 2 bugs that should be in Granny Vee’s garden
  • something Squiggles the Squirrel would love to eat!
  • something bouncy
  • a funny pair of eyes
  • a sand dollar
  • a pebble
  • a cork
  • a matroishka (a Russian stacking doll)
  • two things that need each other to make music together

Some misplaced items of Granny Vee’s: (Yes, Granny Vee misplaces a lot of things!)

  • an item with hands and a face
  • a brooch (This is like a button but it is fancy & may be in any shape. It is held on clothing with a “hinged pin* & catch”.)
  • one lost item that slipped off her finger!

Checks the Chipmunks Arithmetic Corner:

Checks loves to add things up!

  • How many coins are in the button box?
  • If you add them all together, how much money is in the box?
  • How many items did you find that don’t belong in the box?
  • How many buttons (with holes for sewing onto clothing) are in the box?

You can find the answer to that by counting each color and then adding them up!

  • Orange buttons (include both shades):
  • Yellow buttons:
  • Purple buttons:
  • Pink buttons:
  • Black buttons:
  • White buttons:
  • Blue buttons:
  • Green buttons:
  • Red buttons:
  • Add up all the colors.  How many buttons (with holes) are there in the box?
  • How many buttons are Buttons’ favorite color?

Happity Hunting!

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