What’s HOPpening?

Welcome to Granny Vee!!!

Granny Vee is good for kids !!!


“What’s HOPpening?”

Lots of hippity-hoppin’ fun!

You can read stories and poetry and silly limericks and search for hidden objects in our KOOKY QUESTS.    Meet our hippity-hoppin’ friends and look at photos of animals.

Follow Granny Vee on Facebook!  We’ll let you know when she posts a new poem or story.  You may read about her help for children worldwide.  

Check out Granny Vee’s book!


You can read this story now online (under stories) …  but snuggling up with your children and a book is much better!   FOR More details: “Green Frog, Gold Heart”

Granny Vee and Silly Papa are on youtube!  Yeah!


Granny Vee has two children’s CDs:  

Find lyrics here.




You can sound as scholarly as the Bard OWL!

Check out “Word Tips” at the end of stories or poems.







6 thoughts on “What’s HOPpening?

  1. Granny Vee teaches my daughter piano, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Such a great experience!

  2. The cd ‘happity’ you left with us this summer is really going around. Children enjoy listening to the songs and sing along the cd. The story of jesus is unending all over the world. das.india

  3. It was a pleasere to meet you. Congrats for this web site. Im the cuban lawyer who helped you to climb the volcano yesterday. I hope you can write me back. God bless you!!! Yarmi J

  4. I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEE Granny Vee!!!! She is such a sweet Granny!!!! I’m sooooooooooooo glad to have met her, Buttons & Bows & Philemon the frog, the Bard & the whole gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!

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