Birthday Page


Granny Vee‘s suggestions for a “hippity-hoppity-happity” birthday!

A special song, a video, cakes, and a game!


♥ “Happity Birthday!” the Song

A “hippity-hoppity-happity” SONG to celebrate the BIRTHDAY CHILD! 

 order the whole CD

Happity Birthday!

Have a hippity-hoppity-happity birthday!

A hippity-hoppity-happity birthday!

Have a hippity-hoppity-happity birthday!

A hippity-hoppity-happity birthday to you!

Hip-Hop-Hip-Hop! Hip-Hop-Hip-Hop!

Happity Birthday to you!

Hip-hop-hip-hop! Hip-hop-hip-hop!

Happity birthday to you, to you!

It’s your birthday and we wish you many, many, many, many more!  (2x)

 Suggested Movements Children may hop like bunnies in place.  I suggest hopping like “Irish” bunnies, side-to-side, which is easier in many respects. For the second round, have them follow a leader in a circle hopping.   Put birthday child in middle and everyone gather around and point to birthday person on “It’s your birthday….”

Order the whole CD or order the DVD below to show at your party!

 ♥ THE DVD – 30 minutes of fun!

Need the kids to sit down for a bit? Or send as a unique birthday gift!  order the DVD  

(See a snippet of “The ZOO Song” from the DVD)


You can make bunny cakes from cupcakes!  Take a photo of Buttons and Bows to your bakery.


Play “Pin the Tail on the Bunny”. Cut out a bunny shape out of posterboard. Use the Post-It notes that are shaped like a cottontail. You can write each child’s name on the Post-It before they try to “pin” it on the bunny, blindfolded. Have fun!  Or use cotton balls with tape for the tail.

♥ PARTY FAVORS:  Bunny ears, buttons for the boys, bows for the girls.

 Do “The ZOO Song” as a fun activity!  Give the children animal masks to wear.  And have them do the actions as the song describes!   See the lyrics here.



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