Belarus 2008

What does Granny Vee do for summer vacations?

Tender Love for Children
“making melodies in little hearts”

The Little Ones Who Count…



My 2008 summer trip to Belarus and Russia was, in three words: fascinating, frustrating, and fruitful! Fascinating for I was in a foreign land meeting fascinating people and seeing fascinating things; frustrating for traveling in a foreign land is par for the course; fruitful for we had the privilege of ministering to more than a hundred orphans.

Many of these orphans had been abandoned by their parents who were alcoholics who found their own offspring an inconvenient, unwanted burden. We found them to be rare gems. We had the opportunity to love children who are unloved by the world.

My own “Friendly Phil the Frog” taught the children the “Golden Rule” and how to “leap up, leap up, leap up and keep on praisin’!” The children particularly loved the song “Listen, Children” to which they danced exuberantly. The joy imparted was obvious!
But somehow, I believe that beyond the many we touched, were the few; that some of the major purposes for this trip were in the very “little things”.

The Little Things That Count!

Nikita In the past, Nikita had drawn many angels. He told us that he draws what he sees! He implored me to buy him paper on which to draw. A very small thing seemingly. But to an artist, paper and pencils are a treasure. (An artist myself, I can relate to this.) What a delight was this small gift to him! He promised to send me one of his masterpiece which I hope to share with you! Somehow, I felt this all was so important …one of the “little things” I was sent around the world to do.

Veronika, the young lady TLC sponsors at the Rudensk orphanage, received clothing and piano lessons! She had remembered a little of what I had taught her on my last trip and now progressed quickly.

The first “Children of Chernobyl” child, Margarita, that we sponsored is now a grown lady. By the grace of God, she lives only minutes away from Veronika’s orphanage. We arranged for them to meet. Now Margarita and another friend have promised to continue visiting Veronika. This, too, may seem a “little thing”, but to an orphan with no family, a friendly visitor is such an encouragement!

These are just some of the highlights but additionally….

• The children at all the orphanages were delighted that “Phil the Frog” wanted to stay with them permanently, along with his music “Positive Praise!”


• All the children at the Vyborg children’s home received toys.


I thank you for your generous support in bringing to the parentless a touch of tender love!

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