The Pinwheel Song



These Granny Vee lyrics, more appropriate for children than the original ones, may be sung to the traditional American melody, “Down in the Valley”.


‘Round and around, the pinwheel spins so

‘Round and around as the wind blows

As the wind blows through, as the wind blows

My pinwheels delightful as the wind blows.

So let the wind blow, Lord, let the wind blow

My pinwheels delightful as the wind blows.


The pinwheel spins faster and faster

The pinwheel spins slow

The wind is the master of how the wheel goes

If ever the wind were to stop blowin’ through

The pinwheel would not turn, but have to stop, too.

© 1994 CAVenable

Suggested Movements with Prop:

Demonstrate how to blow a pinwheel and then as the song progresses, walk around giving each child a try to blow it.  Demonstrate on “faster”, going faster and stop blowing on “stop blowin’ through” and stop the pinwheel.

Love is Kind!


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