Holy Ghost Stories


Around a campfire or before going to their beds, tell children a Holy Ghost Story!

A spirit or a ghost can be good or bad. We want to dwell on the good.

When I was young, we called the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost resides within true Christians. These stories describe how the Holy Spirit of God makes us triumph! Good will ultimately win over evil!

Granny Vee will include more stories in days to come.


“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” was a plea from a dad,  a desperate dad who had a mute son.  “Mute” means you cannot hear.   The son could not hear the music of the harps, or the voice of his mother, or the sound of a cricket in the dark.  The boy was possessed by an unholy ghost!  This evil spirit or demon would cause the lad to fall to the ground.  He would become stiff as a board and do very unpleasant, ghastly things!  Alas!  What was the father to do?  The father loved his son and wanted to help him but no one, not even the physicians, could stop the terrible spells on the poor boy.  

One day, the dad heard of a certain rabbi.  Many stories echoed through the land that this man had the power to heal! So the father came to Yeshua, pleading for his son.  Yeshua told him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” 

That’s when the dad said his prayer, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” 

Do you think that the LORD answered this prayer?

So Yeshua spoke: “Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you, come out of him and enter him no more!”

The demon ghost cried out and was cast out of the boy. The son lay on the floor seemingly dead, but Yeshua took him by the hand and lifted him up!  The boy arose!   Glory to God!  HalleluYAH! 

So there was probably a lot of celebrating in that house that evening and in the days to come!  The boy could now hear!

The Messiah defeated the deaf and dumb ghost through the Holy Ghost within Him!    

Based on Mark 9:14-29; Yeshua the Messiah = Jesus Christ

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It wasn’t “actually a bug”. We would generally call a slug, a bug or an insect. But that is not the case. Slugs and snails are soft-bodied mollusks or gastropods! Garden slugs and snails are one to three inches long and are usually gray or brown and maybe have an orangish color about them. However, there are Carpathian blue slugs and banana slugs which are yellow. Slugs come in many different colors from white to black and many colors in between. There is even a rainbow slug! But these probably don’t live in your garden!

Poem by David Lee Venable II


In my yard as a boy,

I found a new toy

It filled me with joy,

But it wasn’t really a toy.

It was actually a bug,

Not just that, but a SLUG!

I found very many about

As I worked out their route.

Then I bagged them

And gleefully kept them.

I made them my own pets

Not having any regrets.


I put them in a bag

Wrote my name as the tag.

I would need to find a place

A nice little space

To keep them all for me.

So I found someplace, you see,

At the base of the CHIMNEY!


You might call them “ick”,

And they really were quite slick.

Well, my mom, she found out

And with an “Ugh!” and a shout,

She said I had to get them OUT!

So that was the sad end

Of my little SLIMY FRIENDS!


My son’s memory is put into his own poem. I include this here because this is the kind of things that little boys do!

Thankfully, since they were hidden in a fireplace, I’m so glad that the slugs didn’t become char-broiled bugs!

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