Deep in the Heart of Texas

This song is played at many public events in Texas, especially at RODEO time!

Here is an easy way to play this Texas song, if you know the melody:

Left Hand = C position;

Fifth on LH = C + G;

Second on LH = F + G

Right Hand starts in C position;

then on “gggg…” goes to D position so that the 4th finger is on “g”.  For ending from D position stretch thumb to “c”.



(LH) Fifth (RH) C C E —-

(LH) Fifth (RH) C C E (“Clap-clap-clap-clap!”)

(RH) GGGG  A E D ——

(LH) Second (RH) B B D —-

(LH) Second (RH) B B D (“Clap-clap-clap-clap!”)

(RH) GGGG  A E C (w/ Fifth on LH)


See chart on INTERVALS under “Piano Theory” sidebar for illustration of “Second” and “Fifth”.


Memory Aids


Standard Memory Aids for the Lines of the Treble (top) Staff are:

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

but if you like bunnies, use Granny Vee’s:

Every Great Bunny Does Flips.

For the Bass (bottom) Staff use the bunny one:

Good Bunnies Do Flop Around

or the standard:

Good Boys Do Fine Always

Remember the “basement is in the ground” so the bass staff phrase begins with “g“.

THE SPACES SPELL FACE ON THE TOP (Your face is on the top part of your body and it’s on the top staff, too!)

The first three bottom/bass staff spaces spell ACE.

Or you can use:  All Cows Eat Grass to remember the spaces on the bass.