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“The Musical Bunny”


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There was a musician who lived in the ground

He had so many notes just hanging all around

So he gathered them together but he didn’t have a clue

How to bring sweet harmony out from this very motley crew

So this musician, who was a bunny living in a hole,

Took the many notes he had and threw them in a bowl

But they made an awful noise, mixed up as they be

The sound from that mess just made cacophony!


The musical bunny didn’t know what to do

He paced while he thought, “I must think this problem through”

But the notes they all clamored and he finally lay down

“I must rid my bunny ears of all this dreadful sound!


So the bunny musician then lay down upon his bed

He had so many notes all floating in his head

He fell off to sleep and he dreamt of a place

Where the notes all made music with beauty and grace


He awoke with sweet music, singing in his heart

“I know what to do, and where I must start!”

He took all the notes and put them in a row

But some notes jumped up high and some notes fell down low.


“Hmmm” said the bunny, what should be my next step?”

Well that was the answer, he put them on steps.



“I see what I’m making, I’m making a place

A house for the notes to live in beauty and grace”


So this musical bunny worked long through the day

To put all the notes in a good place to play

He decided the timing, that’s the rhythm, the beat

The pace at which he clapped his paws or tapped his bunny feet!


The short notes, they went fast.  8thNoteW  note8ths

The long notes, they went slow. NotesHalf  DHalfNoteW

But the bunny with his good ears made them all to nicely flow.


Sometimes the artful bunny added a place to take a rest  MusRest

And other times he added staccato for some zest! StaccatoNoteW

Some notes were put up high on the treble, on the top 


Some notes were put down low in the bass, the bottom spot 


Some notes were made to be the leading melody 


Others took there job to be helping harmony

Some notes they played together for they made a real nice blend


The bunny called them chords, for these notes were all close friends.

The many notes worked now together, rolling all along

In step and to the rhythm, they had become a lilting song!


So that is the story of the musician who lived in the ground

He had so many notes just hanging all around

But he gathered them together and put them each in proper place

And he made a composition, a song of beauty and of grace!

The hippity-hoppity-happity end!

© 2014 CAVenable aka “Granny Vee” 2/21/14



cacophony (ka-ˈkä-fə-nē) = a harsh or jarring sound; the opposite of a chord = discord



The Thanksgiving Story

(This is a truthful account.)


On the ship dubbed Mayflower, Pilgrims sailed o’er the sea

To a land where these Christians would seek their liberty

To live in obedience to God Almighty above:

It would take their sacrifice, their courage, their patience, their love.

After a hard and long voyage, they were “brought safe to land”

Through perilous seas by the Lord’s gracious hand.

They fell to their knees on the cold shores of Cape Cod

And lifted their voices in thankful blessings to God.

The Pilgrims settled down in Plymouth, after weeks of exploration

And built a common house, the start of their plantation.

There was good fertile soil and water flowing from fresh springs

And forests filled with nuts and berries and other tasty things.

That first winter was harder than most humans could bear

But the Pilgrims, without complaining, trusted in God’s care.

Though sickness took near half of them to their heav’nly destination

God forged these hardy Pilgrims, and destined a new nation.

That first spring was welcomed and they planted the rich fields

And prayed for a harvest of a hale and hearty yield.

Kindly native Indians offered ‘know-how’ and their aid

So over that first summer, lasting friendships were gladly made.

So greatly was appreciated the harvest of that fall

That the governor named Bradford sent forth a public call

To thank the Lord Almighty in a very special way

With a time of prayer and feasting – a Thanksgiving Day!

The chief of the Indians came and brought ninety more

Feeding all those people would really be a chore!

But the Indians didn’t come empty-handed in the least

They came loaded down with goodies to add to the feast!

The Indians brought plump turkeys and plenty of deer meat.

The Pilgrims cooked fresh veggies: carrots, onions, turnips, beets.

Dessert was not forgotten: they made puddings and pies so sweet

And the Indians popped popcorn! Yes! For the Pilgrims, a new treat!

They ate and ate, then had some sport and took some time to play

But Thanksgiving is more than food and fun: it is a time to pray.

So the Pilgrims and the Indians humbly bowed their heads

Remembering God’s goodness, a prayer of thanks was said.

So it came to pass in that year, sixteen-hundred twenty-one

In the beauty of the autumn, this celebration was begun.

One more fact about this fine feast of gobble-gobble glee:

That very first Thanksgiving was not one day … but THREE!
© 2008 CAVenable

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12 Days with Buttons & Bows

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