Jackrabbit Mack


How many words can you find that rhyme with “Jack”?

Jackrabbit Mack

By the Bard Owl

I want to tell you a story about a rabbit named Mack

He was a jackrabbit, and he lived in a shack.

This hare’s hair was gray but his round tail was black

And his favorite food was – who would guess? – flapjacks!

He ate them for breakfast, for dinner, for snacks.

He attacked stack after stack of fluffy flapjacks.

Now one day Mack was hungry and flapjacks he lacked.

So he hopped down the lane to see old Farmer Zack.

He asked, “May I, please, buy and then pack in my sack

Some flour, some sugar and some eggs that aren’t cracked?

I’m really, really hungry and flapjacks I lack.

As soon as I pack them, I’m on the fast track

Back home to flip flapjacks – a great big stack!”

Said Farmer Zack to the rabbit, “Put your money back.

If you’re really that hungry, I’ll go you one better, Mack.

We can both enjoy breakfast in my kitchen round back.

I’ve got some flour, some sugar and some eggs that aren’t cracked,

But we really must crack them to make flapjacks.

I can mix the batter, but I haven’t got the knack

To flip flapjacks on the griddle. I always burn them black.”

Mack was ecstatic and thanked old Farmer Zack.

So they both went together to the kitchen round back.

Zack mixed the batter and Mack flipped the flapjacks.

They both sat at the table, said grace, then attacked

Stack after stack of golden, fluffy flapjacks

All of them flipped by Jackrabbit Mack.

© 2002 CAVenable


ecstatic = super, super happy

knack = talent

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