Ode to the Dodo Bird


Oh, once upon a time

On an island far away

Lived a bird funny-looking and distinct.

But sadly for all time

His kind has passed away

The bad news is the bird is now extinct.

Sailors landed, unaware

That the birds they clubbed were rare

In this, the men were all quite foresightless.

Their dogs found easy prey

Dodos couldn’t get away

These funny-looking birds were somewhat flightless.

Never more can he be

Never more will we see

This wobbling bird who once on earth abode.

Never more will we hear

His squawk or song of cheer

So remember him forever in this ode.


© 2007 CAVenable



distinct = unique

extinct = no longer existing

prey = a hunted animal

foresightless =  not looking ahead; not careful to consider the future

abode = lived


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