The Great, Grey Kangaroo


Way down yonder, in the land Down Under

On the road less traveled, a rabbit met a true wonder.

Having wandered and wandered, a tired rabbit sat down under

A New Caledonian Yew, a New Caledonian Yew.



In the shade of this yew, the rabbit took a little nap

Then all of a sudden, he heard something go “Whap!”

He woke up to find a thick tail upon his lap

And heard a voice booming, “Who are you? Who are you?”


The bunny, he got goose bumps and creepy, heeby-jeeves

His eyes grew wide with wonder. It was not easy to believe

That tail was the appendage of a beast chewing on yew leaves.

It was a great, Great Grey Kangaroo!  A great, Great Grey Kangaroo!




“Who are you?” the deep, deep voice resounded once again

“May I ask what you are doing? Are you foe or are you friend?

You’re sitting in my spot. My home I must defend.

Strangers here, I don’t take kindly to, don’t take kindly to.”


The bunny feared and shuddered. He’s so big and I’m so small.

Does it matter if I sit here? thought the bunny so appalled!

The hare summoned his courage and stood up straight and tall

I’ll tell that kangaroo a thing or two, a thing or two!


Then quick as a bunny, the rabbit thought the situation through

Should I anger such a beast? Will he make of me a rabbit stew?

After all, this is his space. I can see his point of view.

So the bunny uttered sweetly, “So sorry, Mr. Roo.  So sorry, Mr. Roo.


Why, I’m just a friendly bunny, of course, and I might add,

I didn’t mean by sitting here to make you so, so mad.

I took a short siesta, a little nap just for a tad

But as you can plainly see, my snooze is through, my snooze is through.”


The roo was stunned. “Perhaps I was too quick to jump (no pun do I intend)

Nor were my hasty words meant to thoughtlessly offend.

Let’s take it from the start again and start off as good friends.

After all, I am a Great Grey Kangaroo!  A Great Grey Kangaroo!


And I’m really rather lonely here. I’m glad that we did meet

Are you hungry, bunny? Would you care for a bite to eat?

There are the yew leaves, they’re quite tasty. Or if you’d like a yummy treat

I’ll make for us, some gooey cheese fondue, cheese fondue.  ”



The cheese fondue was scrumptious, so much so they licked their plates

And they both agreed how great it was to meet by such good fate

Then just for fun and some good sport, though it was getting rather late

The two paddled down the river by canoe, by canoe!


So from that time and ever after, these two buddies they would meet

They found they had much in common, more than just their jumping feet

They liked to talk, hop, canoe, but most of all, to eat.

The bunny and the Great Grey Kangaroo

They shared a lot of meals  …  of cheese fondue!

© 2008 CAVenable



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